Mobile Clinic Destroyed by Fire

One of our two medical mobile clinics was destroyed in a fire on Sunday, February 4th. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. This mobile Replacing the mobile unit will likely cost us in excess of $250,000. Roberta Gunderson, Homeless Project Coordinator, is working with the team to mitigate the impact this loss may have to the medical services we provide to the 3,000 people we reach within the homeless community in Santa Clara County.


As we all know when unfortunate circumstances happen, we rise up and help each other. Support us by visiting our fundraising page at Gardner Health Services to help replace our Mobile Health Clinic.


You can also help spread the news by liking our Gardner Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram pages and share the story from there.


Here are the handles to our social media pages:


A Silver Lining
One of our first donations was made directly to Roberta on Monday. She was at the Gilroy Armory and a gentleman walked up to her and handed her seven $1 bills. He wanted to help. He also gave her a juice box to make her feel better. He is homeless. If you would like to share this story use #Match7with7


It’s going to take a village to help us raise the money to get this unit replaced. Let’s see if together we can use our social media power to let the world know we need them! Thank you and my appreciation for all of your ongoing support.

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